July 31, 2008

when i grow up

no i'm not talking about the PCD's song,i want to be like the Editor of French Vogue Carine Roitfeld in my fiftys,she is 54 years old .,and she is Successful,Fashionable,a mother and she looks Fabulous,i want to have her body in my fiftys!!!
love her =)

July 24, 2008


i LOVE Nicole's hair here,it's really cute i want to do my hair like her tomorrow and every single day lol..don't you just love it??
and her outfit is simple and chic as always..!!

July 18, 2008

Fringe me!!

You should add a Fringed Details to your outfits and your Wardrobe,like boots,sandals,vests and bags..and i think there is nothing better than a Fringe bag to add that special touch,so i wanted to share with you some of the best Fringe bags In my opinion :)

Jimmy Choo Fringe Hobo bag

Gucci Babouska Shoulder Bag

Botkier morgan large satchel

prada Fringe bag Spring 2007 ,but it's so hard to find because it's from 2007 :(

July 15, 2008

Mary Kate Olsen <3

LOVE her outfit there,she looks great, and i love everything she's wearing!!

but her look Reminds me of this look in the Alexander Wang spring 2008 show,and i love them both ..MK can totally pull off anything!!

Gucci Resort 2009

I Absolutely love the dresses!!

July 8, 2008

my wish list of bags

when it comes to the bags ,i have a Serious Addiction..i went to Dubai last week and i found the D&G bag that i was waiting to get ,but i didn't because of my sister,and yes she had a point because i found it after i bought a marni and Prada bag...Today i saw that colorful D&G and i loved it but i still want the first one more.

i have been in love with Ashely's Vintage Fendi Crocodile bag since 2006,and when i heard earlier this year that Fendi will reproduce it again i went Immediately to ask about it ,they said that the price is $9,000+ and i could never ask my parents for that money to spend it on a bag ,i won't mind but i think they will kill me,so i think it will always be a dream to me untill i get a job and have my own money...BUT they made another leather edition of the bag for $1,630 ,it doesn't look as good as the Crocodile bag but it's cheaper and Affordable ,and hope i will get it soon :) but the Crocodile is my dream bag!!

July 3, 2008