July 24, 2008


i LOVE Nicole's hair here,it's really cute i want to do my hair like her tomorrow and every single day lol..don't you just love it??
and her outfit is simple and chic as always..!!


saray said...


Doll said...

her braids are so cute!! i m gonna try that tmr

frankie-lou and tallulah said...

nicole looks gorgeous as per normal.
totally do it tomorrow.
your quite talented.
i dont know how to do those kind of braids that stick up. :(

watchmekissthesky said...

effortlessly chic!
love it =]

MadameDior said...

lovee it, its a very refreshing look =]

Anonymous said...

i love them!! ive been doing them these past dats now its so comfortable and looks goood:P