October 7, 2008

that was fast

According to Jak & Jil , Just Hours after the Louis Vuitton Show, Francesca Burns and Victoria Young were Spotted wearing LV’s New Footwear outside The Lanvin show!!
and WOW they are so hot!!
Source : jakandjil.com


Franco said...

I think they're a bit overdesigned for my taste.
u sure have alot of posts about shoes.

Q8 fashionista said...

yes i do lol :)


I'm without words...those heels are very fab!!I want!

ryder said...

they look so great... i would be so worried about the heels. i dont want to have a "prada shoes experience".

Delly said...

i didnt like the shoes! i think it never made to be out of a fashion show!

frankie-lou and tallulah said...

they are so cool.
want them.