September 27, 2008

baggy trousers

I"ve seen 2 of my favorite Fashionistas wearing these pants,and they totally pull it off..well vanessa traina and Emmanuelle Alt can pull off anything i guess..they always look so chic and edgy!!

The Question is do you like these pants, and would you wear them??
Personally I would try them on to see how they would look on me, because Vanessa and Emmanuelle are muses, and the pants looks great on them.


RiverMist said...

holy sh*t! I drew something exactly like that today!

Anonymous said...

I like it. Alot. But i wouldn't buy or wear something like that! Cause i know i can't pull it off half as good as they do so why try hheheheh:P

Q8 fashionista said...

styleexpress : i know it's kinda hard to pull them off as good as them..but i still want to try them on lol,you know when it comes to fashion i always take Risks..yes i'm freak hehe :p

Nora said...

they are role models when it comes to the latest fashion statement..So yeaah, u must try it!