September 24, 2008

My Fav look and shoes from London Fashion week

i love those YSL shoes,aren't they sweet??

i give this look 10/10 she looks every single thing she is wearning !!
everything is perfect,from her Mulberry bag to her amazing lace her booties are great!!


Jenny H. said...

she looks amazing.
love that look.

great blog!
do you wanna trade links?

RiverMist said...

I like the first shoe, but the last shoe is not my taste, but then again what do I know, i don't wear high heels.
I think the outfit would be hotter id the legins covered the whole leg.

Q8 fashionista said...

rivermist : yes the first shoe is great,and i totally understand why you don't like the boots,my taste in the shoes is insane lol :)
the outfit would look great too in that way..but i'm Obsessed with the lace lately!!

Mira said...

She looks fantastic!

MR style said...


fashion palette said...

i love your blog, exchange links?


ps: love the ysl shoes,they're devine!

purkua.idil said...

those boots are perfect.. i wish i had something like that.. great
fashion.. passion.. love.. Maegan said...


Baroque said...

Have the YSL's.. they're amazing!
Believe me you can't even walk in them..
Saved them for receptions and dinners!

Rich Hippie said...

OMFG are those the Gucci boots from lat season!!!

Q8 fashionista said...

Rich Hippie : i think they are,but i've seen a booties like them in babe two weeks ago!!