September 4, 2008

The Must have Boots for F/W 08

Christian Louboutin C'est Moi shoe Boots

Any Boots from Gucci Fall 2008 collection( love them all!!)

Erin wasson's Chloe Boots

(btw they are called Studded Ankle Boot ,but i called them Erin wasson's boots because thanks to her i fell in love with them...and in that pic i've posted,are her boots actually)

Givenchy Boots


bear said...

im loving all the gucci boots, need them now!

Anonymous said...

You have picked out some serious boots! Those are lovely!!!! Give it to me! :):) ♥

lara said...

I absolutely love studded booties , I really want some studded ancleboots

purkua.idil said...

christian louboutin forever! =)
i love the elegant and simple beauty of louboutin. must have!
fashion.. passion.. love..

ps. i'm adding your blog to my blog list. really nice..

RiverMist said...

I like the gold buttons.